Monday, May 28, 2012


 I am in a constant process of transformation. I learn from any and everything. When I look at d birds, I learn the freedom to fly. Even if I never grow wings, I take solace in the fact that was I to grow them; there is a sky to fly in. When I look at the ants, I learn d lesson of storing for rainy days, d knowledge that d ants start from a little bit of clay attached to another before the colony teaches me the lesson of perseverance and determination. Nothing explains a journey of a thousand miles beginning wit a step like them. As I go on in life and see how d minutest of decisions can fulfill or alter the plans of our lives,
I've made it a duty to think thrice, check my thought again and again, Never to live for the approval of others, to strive for self actualization, to quit taking defeat while I stoop, to always explore the opportunity to be better, to see d good in others no matter how difficult it might be, to love fiercely, To despise just a little, to forgive and not necessarily forget, to acquire the humility of great men, to be undisturbed by other people's business, to make sure to at least pay a good deed forward everyday, to respect the feelings of others even if I don’t understand them, to stay away from grudges so I don’t overload my heart, to passionately seek that which pleases, never to give up and ultimately, to share the love of God abroad my heart and the hearts of others. lessons keep me in a constant process of transformation...


  1. God being on the center of all these, you sure can't miss it at all. Nice to read from you dear. Do enjoy your week!

  2. Kare lai! Omo re biiyan! May God help you on the journey!